Tuesday, December 12

A Promise is a Promise

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A couple were on a belated honeymoon trip to the Swiss Alps. It was a dream come true for them. They were there as part of a coach-holiday package deal and staying inside a luxurious 5 star hotel. All expenses had been paid.

“Steven Fuller, I believe there’s something you’ve been wanting to tell me since we ventured out here. Am I correct?”

“Well, as a matter of fact, Gail, you’re correct.” She saw his face turning red in embarrassment.

“Hey, I thought it was the female of the species who gets shy.” Said Gail, giggling at him.

“It’s one of those things I’ve been wanting to tell you since we got married but never got a chance to say it.” Steven grew tense and stood up. Gail reached out her hands and held his left arm.

“You’re trying to escape again.” “Now be like a good husband and tell me what it is.”

Steven smirked nervously and pretended to relax a moment as Gail loosened her grip. Suddenly, he stood up and rushed to the phone.

“I’ll order two sets of tea for us.” Gail stared down at the carpet, feeling let down.

“Hello, this is room 707. I’d like to order two teas please. Two sets with one kettle. Thanks.”

He stared across at her. She seemed very upset.

“Alright, Gail. I’ll tell you in the morning. Hey, look out the window, It’s snowing again. Listen, in the morning, we’ll go climbing up those Alps and we’ll meet those yodelers and lap dancers.”

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and the Steven opened it. A waiter entered holding a tray with a chocolate cake, a lasagna and two glasses of cherry with a stick of green olives inside.

“We didn’t order this, waiter!”

“Sir, it’s free, with compliments.” “Your tea is on it’s way too.” Another waiter entered with the tea, placed it on the table and suddenly both of the waiters began to do a traditional lap dance and simultaneously served the food to them. This continued until Steven smiled and signed his name on a receipt after which they bowed and left. Gail smiled back at Steven and they both sat around the table and tucked in.

“Mmm, the lasagna is absolutely delicious.” Said Steven, taking a bite with his fork.

Gail sipped some cherry and looked into Steven’s eyes.

“If you don’t tell me by tomorrow, Mr Steven Fuller, then I’ll never trust you again.”

“A promise is a promise. I’ll tell you in the morning.” And after the meal, with a romantic backdrop of falling snow from the window, they decided to get some rest. As they lay in bed, they could hear singing from the window. Gail looked out at a group of singers, who stared up at her. They were singing a lullaby accompanied by an accordion.

“How romantic.” Sighed Gail. She turned to Steven who was snoring in bed.

Next morning, Steven was not in bed, but had left a note on his pillow. Gail read it out aloud.

“A promise is a promise. Meet me outside at the Gift Parlour.” Gail was all smiles and got ready, after which she made her way out. Steven was standing outside the Gift Parlour and waved to her. “Come on, let’s go up for a climb.” It was snowing very heavily and so they decided to go on one of the luxury tourist trains that moved along a long pulley to the top.

Within thirty minutes they decided to climb off to go and watch the yoddelers. Gail was loving every moment of the outing. Steven handed some money to a group of them and they began to sing out in yoddle. “Yoddle-ee-ooooo, good morning to you good morning to you. We hope you have a lovely day, good-morning to you -yoddle-ee-ooooo.” Then they started to do a lap dance and held Steven and Gail’s hands and they all danced together.

Later on, they decided to go further up and they stared down at a very small and insignificant sight. “You see that? That’s our hotel, Gail. “Now, just a little further up where we can hear our voices echo and then I’ll reveal what I promised I would.”

“Yes, I hope so.” And once they did, Steven held her hands gently and said,

“I know we’ve been married for just a few months, but there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you all this time. Something I never ever mentioned. But now; I’m going to say it.

“I LOVE YOU!” And as he said those three magic words, they echoed all around.

“I love you!, I love you!, I love you!” And the two of them embraced in a grip of love as they’d never done before, which seemed to last for eternity. And as they did so, the snow was falling heavily on them but they were oblivious to it and intoxicated in the best feeling of all, namely, LOVE.

The End.


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