Friday, December 15

How to Build a Residual Income in Bukisa?

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Bukisa is Great. Just write 10 articles and invite 10 friends using your own referral link and your earnings will start rising in a curve and you don’t need to write that long only 250 words is required. If you want to increase your earnings you can post articles and invite friend as many as you want. Join Bukisa Here!

How to join bukisa? Just follow the steps below:

1. Join Bukisa Now! (Takes only 1 minute to join).

2. Fill up needed information

2. Check your email address to activate your account.

Many people do not understand how residual income works. They see $12 a day, and they compare it to a 9-5 job, but the difference is, when I finally build my residual income up to the level of a 9-5 job in a few years, I will never have to work again in my life. I have built a residual income of up to $12 a day on Bukisa, and it is rising in a curve now

Bukisa is a great place for us to earn since. We can earn there in two different ways:

1.) From the article that you published (If you are also a writer from other site like triond, hubpages and any other article directory sites you can republished your articles to bukisa, bukisa accepts duplicated content as long as you are the original owner of the article). 

2.) You can also earn by inviting your friend to join in bukisa using your own referral link. You can earn 25% of your friends earning up to 3rd level of friends. For more info about how to earn in bukisa just visit this link:

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