Wednesday, December 13

Tips to Make Money on Moola

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Moola is basically a website where you play games against others and if you win, you get money, actual money. It is legit and not a scam. They make their income through a large multitude of ads and sponsors. Anyways, here are some tips to getting through Moola.

1. When you’re under $1, it might seem like you’ll never get anywhere money-wise but trust me, you need to keep at it. It’s kind of like starting a long journey. The first mile feels like forever but eventually you start making noticeable progress. The main thing is to not give up.

2. Don’t forget to try the prize wheel. This will always give you some money no matter what. Also, you can download the toolbar which adds an additional four spins to your default four spins.

3. Don’t always gamble the max, stay safe. Losing it all and starting over is terrible.

4. However, if you do lose it all, don’t worry, Moola will provide you with another penny for you to play with.

5. Remember that you won’t lose any personal money EVER. This is all funded by Moola.

6. Remember to save the money you earn into your savings account.

Hopefully this will help you make some money on Moola. Remember, patience is key. And again, this isn’t a scam. It is a real site funded by a multitude of sponsors. To play a game, one must view an ad and answer a question. This is where Moola gets its funding.


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