Monday, December 11

How to Create a High Paying Job For Yourself When There Are NO Jobs Around

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Have you noticed lately that there has been a big surge in the number of nonprofits despite the state of the economy. I think there are three reaso

ns behind this fact. First, a lot of people, having no jobs, trying to create one by establishing their own nonprofit organization. Second, the Internet has made very easy to have your own nonprofit. You do not even need an office to do it and you accept donations worldwide. The third factor is that despite the recession, more and more rich are giving a lot money for charity than ever before.

First Step:

Decide foryourself, honestly, whether you want a nonprofit to help other people or just because you are looking for a job and a salary. It is okey if you want both but you want to start a nonprofit just for the salary your chance of success will be in doubt.

Second Step:

Have you decided that you have a big heart and you want to help, go online and visit other nonprofits. You will learn a lot and this will help you pick up the right mission.

Third Step:

Go to your local library and borrow a couple of books about the subject. You need to know as much as you can about nonprofit organizations, how to register them, fund raising efforts etc

Fourth Step:

Follow the rules especially the tax code that will allow you to accept donations. If you do not have fund raising skills there are some companies that can raise funds for you but they take a percentage of what they collect.


Successful fundraising is very essential to the survival of any nonprofit. This is where your salary and expenses come from. If you need help i this matter, don’t hesitate to seek help. Most of these fundraising companies don’t charge you a dime unless they collect money for you.


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