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Tips For Smooth Download on Rapidshare And Hotfile

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Internet users who like to download would be familiar with such sites; 4shared, rapidshare or hotfile. for Premium members will usually get the ease of downloading, while free users usually have certain limitations in the download. for users of free although there are limitations in the download, may still be helped with some tips. these are a few tips that can be used to facilitate the activities of our downloads on the internet.

  1. if you download a file with large size, eg 200 MB per file then you should choose the Internet with broadband connections.

  2. use free premium link generator for Rapidshare and hotfile. excess of the premium link is the resume feature and full speed. for more details, please visit this site: (to download files in Hotfile) and (download files on Rapidshare). how to download the correct reference via a premium link generator site above, you can find on Google.

  3. use software IDM (Internet Download Manager). IDM function is to speed up downloading. IDM software is one of the many software to speed up downloading. IDM has the best performance compared to other download manager software, according to my observations and personal experiences. I’ve compared the performance of IDM with some other download manager software.

  4. if not use a premium link generator and just use the link as normal, then usually there is a limit slots download. if the slot provided rapidshare or Hotfile out, we can use a little trick that is by changing the IP address with proxy. select a proxy who has the speed and connection time is good, because not all proxies have it. I change the IP address with proxy already much discussed on the internet, please look for references on Google.

  5. looking for a good time for download, in which Internet bandwidth is the maximum state. ie the middle of the night or early morning, or when an Internet connection smooth. for users of the cafe, be aware that if the cafe in a state of full, it can certainly decrease the bandwidth and download speeds will also not be optimal.

  6. Optimize your internet speed, most Internet connections using wireless modem speed is not optimal. to find out how to optimize the speed of the Internet, please visit this article: Top Five Ways to Increase Internet Speed

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