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Hosting a New Year's Eve Party For Children

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New Year’s Eve can be the perfect night for you to host a party for your children and their friends. Many people who do go out on New Year’s Eve often get babysitters for their children. If you don’t mind having several of your children’s friends spend the night, New Year’s Eve is a great time to do it.

The children should be late-elementary school aged or middle school age. Having several preschoolers for an overnight party is just crazy. If your children fit into this age group, this may be a fun solution for all of you.

First determine how many of your children’s friends can fit comfortably into your home. You should reserve the family room or living room for them to sleep in.

Although it may seem like they are not going to do much sleeping, eventually they will. You will need to make sure that you have enough space for the children that you invite.

TIP: to avoid no-shows, personally speak to the parents of your children’s friends especially if you have never met.

Once you have the guest list, you and your child can start planning the party together.


Serve kid-friendly appetizers and plenty of snack food.


Leave your room decorated as it was for Christmas, just remove breakable items. If the room is not decorated, hang some silver and gold garland to make it look like a festive New Year’s celebration.


Having music, movies and games to play can occupy a group of children for the evening.

Midnight rituals:

Hand out New Year’s Eve traditional party favors like noiseblowers, noisemakers and silly string. You might want to allow the children to go outside (supervised,of course) a few minutes before midnight to use the silly string. One can per child should be enough. Have extra just in case you get a faulty can.


Your child can make their own invitations that you hand deliver together. These can be made on your computer or the old-fashioned way with construction paper, markers and glitter. Hand-delivering the invitations is also a great way to meet the parents.


You can find many party supplies for a New Year’s Eve party at your local dollar store. Plastic champagne glasses are a nice touch that children will enjoy.

Make sure to let the parents know that this will be a sleepover and no alcohol will be consumed by the adults because you will be responsible for their children. Make clear the pickup time the next morning (usually by noon) so that you do not start off the New Year with several extra children to care for.


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