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Extra Income at Home

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Making An Extra Income Online

The purpose of this article is to give you an idea how make money while at home and to guide you to a trusted and paying site that will give you an extra income using your PC and an internet connection. Sometimes lots of people are wasting their time in the internet playing games, chatting with friends, editing profiles in various networking sites and earning nothing. Sad to say that these people are wasting their money and time in the internet and they did not realize that they can convert that wasted time into a profitable one. 

Are you looking for a job? Are you not satisfied with your income or not contented with your work in the company? Are you tired of working with your boss? Giving lots of your time and efforts to the company and less time to your family but your income is not sufficient for your family. Do you want an extra income while at home?

In our present generations Internet Marketing, Work at Home or Homebased Business grows rapidly. Many people are looking their fortune in the internet but sad to say lots of them became a victim of Internet Scam and Internet Fraud. Just like me I was once also a victim of Internet Scam, but I thank God for leading me to a trusted and paying site that let me earn an extra income while at home.

I just to share something what I am doing online just to make an extra income.

1. I signed up to some legit paid to click sites (PTC Sites). This was the first thing I did to have an extra income online by clicking ads. One of the most legit sites that I already earned a dollar every month are neobux, onbux, matchbux, surepaybux, increasebuxand many more but these are the top 5 of my ptc sites. In ptc sites you can earn as much as $350 a month through referrals. You can have a direct referrals and you can also rent referrals.

2. I create websites and blogs then put an ads to it. Before, I used google adsense to my blogs but you can also use adbrite, nuffnang, and infolinks, kontera, and chitika as an alternatives to adsense. These pay per click sites are giving me commissions for every click on the ads appeared in my website. This is a pretty good way of making money online but it needs more work to get more traffic to your site and blogs but I am using my social networking sites to get traffic to my sites and blogs.

3. Affiliate Marketing Program, I signed up as an affiliate to some sites like amazon and clickbank then I promote their products at my site and blogs but I have no luck with these kind of program because since the time I started I sold out only one product.

4. Paid to Post forum site, this is also a good way of making money online. The paid to post site like mylot and Techdoctordeals will give you an extra income through the post or the threads you can make. In Techdoctordeals you will earn not less than $40 a month by making not less 20 post a day and every post must not be less than 100 characters. Earning $40 a month is a good extra income while at home.

5. Paid to write articles, this the recent way of making money online that I joined. The site like bukisa, and hubpages are sites that will allow you to make an article and post it in their site then they will give you a commission to every income that was being earned in your article page. After your article will be published they will put an ad to the page then whatever income that will earn from your article you will have a commission from it. If you are a writer and you really like writing this is the best way for you to earn money online.

There are lots of ways of to make an extra money online but the five ways above are the things what I am doing now. I hope this will help you and encourage you to start making money online.


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