Saturday, December 16

Say Good Bye to Satellite Television!

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Why pay over the 100$ per moth for cable or satellite tv services?No more!Say Good bye!

You hired well! Good bye and good bye satellite bills! Enought with those bills! And if I say turn your PC in TV….another bills? NO!

No bills! No technician! No limited access in some areas! No Satellite/Cable Box! No just 150 channels and more important NO Money on installation and monthly fee!

I just say that:

       – Over 3500 channels worldwide(just for example USA-700 channels,Canada-570 channels, France – 349, Italy – 334 , UK – 548 channels, and many more!);

      – Available anywhere;

      – Your PC only, NO other hardware;

      – Unlimited usage once you are member!

And if I say that you will use SatelliteDirect™ software….I says everything. That mean:

      –   One fee at installation and no more!

      –   More channels then TV;

      –   No dish or receiver or another equipment, just download that software and you are ready to watch your favorite channels;

      –  All you need is just a computer (laptop or desktop) connected to internet where you will be in the world.

How it work? Simple just like 1, 2, 3..!

First you need to download software here ,second register and third Watch&Enjoy! More simple then that? In your dreams!

And don’t forget : a live agent can speak to you, if you are irresolute, for a discount!


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