Sunday, December 17

How to Say, “it’s Over!”

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Relationships do end. It’s a fact that we must face. There are just things that are not meant to be. Now if you happen to be in a relationship that is in a declining state, I know pretty well how you fill. I had experienced breaking up in a number of relationships I had. The last one was the hardest because our relationship lasted for 3 years. Breaking up in a 3 year relationship is never easy.

The main problem that we had is distance. During the time that we are still studying, distance was never a problem since we often see each other in school. The problem started when we graduated and she worked in there place while I also work in ours. It was quite a struggle, keeping the relationship knowing that we seldom see each other. But it really has to end because we frequently have quarrels and conflict. It’s hard to handle conflict in a long distance relationship.     

Here is how I did it:

1.) Select the right time.

I always believe in the saying that every thing has its time. When you observe that everything is not going well on your relationship. Simply wait for the right time to discuss it with your partner. Be patient for the right time will always come.

2.) Make a clear reason for the breakup.

Make sure you know what to say during your conversation regarding your break up. It must be personal so that everything will be cleared and settled. State the reason why you have come up with this difficult decision. If you are successful with this one, you might end up still as friends.

3.) Never give your partner a hope that both of you will be together again.

What I mean is, do not give false hopes. If you decided to break up, stand up to what you have decided. It would be best for your partner to accept if rather that giving hopes that might never happen. It will only prolong the pain of the break up.

4.) Give your partner a warm hug.

When everything is settled and clear, give your partner a nice hug. It is a way of saying thank you for the wonderful relationship that we had. Somehow, it will tell your partner that it is also hard for you but you have to do it.

Breaking up is never easy. It takes courage to face that your relationship is not anymore working well. You simply need to be honest with yourself. Hanging on to it might just prolong the agony that both of you are experiencing. Even though it’s hard, you both have to accept that it really has to end.

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