Tuesday, December 12

More on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. My Understanding of Elaine Donnelly’s Comments

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More on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell my understanding of Elaine Donnelly’s comments

I was watching a Television interview with a woman who said she was the president of the center for military readiness; her name might have been Elaine Donnelly.  According to my understanding of the woman, the real truth, is that congress voted that no homosexual is allowed to serve in the military at all, several years ago.  But one of the presidents created an order called “don’t ask don’t tell,” where they do not have to tell they are homosexual, don’t ask don’t tell was never approved by the Congress.  If I understood her correctly, the don’t ask don’t tell policy was never approved by congress, and created confusion, in that homosexuals are not actually allowed to serve in the military by the law passed by Congress, but they are misinformed during recruitment and training because of the president’s don’t ask don’t tell policy and sometimes they accidentally join the military, thinking they are allowed to join.  Sometimes when they later find out the real policy they resign and get honorable discharges.  According to my understanding of her, president Obama could cancel don’t ask don’t tell anytime he wants, because he is the president and the policy was not made by Congress but by a previous president.  Canceling don’t ask don’t tell would, simply continue the policy of banning homosexuals from the military.  However Obama desires Congress to pass a law, not because it is necessary but because he wants the military to allow homosexuals to join, contrary to previous law.

I would like to point out that it has been common to reject people on many physical grounds from joining the military.  If it is common to reject people for physical grounds some of which they have little control over why not reject people for choosing a lifestyle.

I do not have the television interview I mentioned here, but I looked up some other clips of hers on youtube that you may find useful and also a webpage for the center for military readiness.



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