Wednesday, December 13

So You Think You Can Drive

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Women drivers have the reputation of being, unsafe, unpredictable, and too fast. This, of course, has been said by men, who can never see any wrong in themselves. The truth of the matter is, where driving is concerned, sex doesn’t really come into it. Personality has a lot to do with the way that a person drives.

It is not difficult to spot a person who is assertive, and who knows exactly what they want, whether they be male or female. They will drive at a reasonable speed, maybe a little on the fast side, and won’t hang about at traffic lights, often opting to come up on the outside lane and be first away.

The ditherer is easy to spot. They are just like that in life too, not able  ever to make a definite decision, and never giving you a straight answer. Politicians practice this art all their lives. These drivers are a menace in the car, driving along slowly, should they turn left, or maybe it’s right?  They aren’t sure. They are oblivious to the long traffic jam behind they have caused. When they finally decide which turning to take, they then can’t  decide where to park. These people create havoc wherever they go.

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Drivers with aggressive personalities often release their feelings when behind the wheel. They object to stopping at Zebra crossings, never give way to anyone, and always think that everyone else is at fault. They drive fast, and expect everyone else to get out of their way because they are so selfish, that they think that only their needs are paramount. Some men are like this, but it’s unfair to heap all the blame on them. Women can become monsters when running late, and often forget to thank someone who gives way to them.

Even tempered people make the best drivers. They give way to other drivers when necessary, drive at a safe speed, and don’t object to being overtaken. They believe if someone is in that much of a hurry, to let them go past. They have time to enjoy driving.

We are all only human, and most of us would admit to feeling provoked when driving along the road behind a slow traffic jam, knowing that there isn’t really enough room to pass safely, and then from nowhere, along comes Mr Slick.

He takes a chance, driving along the centre of the carriageway, overtaking all the careful and cautious drivers, swinging round the roundabout on the outside lane,  but then cutting across the driver on his left, and zooming triumphantly away, leaving us with a mixture of envy at his good luck, and anger at his insolence.

Don’t try to copy him or her. We won’t be so lucky. There will probably be another car

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 attempting the same feat coming the other way, or else the driver on the roundabout won’t let us cross their lane, well why should they? We’ll be left with the side wing smashed in, even if we’re lucky enough to escape personal injury, we then have the bother of making a claim, followed by the inconvenience of having the car off the road whilst it’s being repaired. It’s just not worth it!

Driving is a necessity for most people, but it should be a pleasure too. Crowded roads, and traffic jams fray the nerves, and provoke the temper of even the most easy going person at times, because of something that most of us lack. It’s called time, and there’s never enough of it.

So let’s all resolve to get up a bit earlier in the morning, and leave before we usually do. With extra time in the morning, we could all be even tempered motorists, whether we are man or woman, and our busy roads will become safer to drive on.


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