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Remembering Absent Friends And Family at Christmas

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                                         Remembering Absent Friends and Family at Christmas

I love Christmas, and all the goodwill that comes with it, but most of all I love the fact, that for at least one of the days, my children, who are now grown up, will come to spend time with us. I am very lucky,because I have one granddaughter in England, so I have been able to be around to watch her grow up, and share in all the fun that Christmas holds, to a child.

I also think of my other 3 grand daughters, and my son in law, who live in America. The best we can do is chat online, or on the telephone, and then I eagerly await the summer, when I get to spend 2 weeks with them, catching up on everything.

I have an aunt, who was my mother’s sister. She is now 95, and still very active and independent. But she lives in Australia, so far away, and I hope she doesn’t get to spend the time on her own, as her only son is himself, not well at the moment.

Then there are my other friends, both in Australia, America, France, and Spain. We will exchange greetings, but I don’t know how long it will be before we meet up again.

Then last, but never least, there are my dear parents, now departed this world. My mum used to organise the best Christmas’s. My dear husband, who was taken before his time, and my beautiful daughter, the mother of my grandchildren in America, who was lovely  inside and out, and never got to see her children grow up.

To all my absent friends and family, you may not be with me, but you are always in my heart. God bless us all at Christmas

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