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Why Your Partner Cheats With Your Best Friend

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In a perfect world, people just wouldn’t cheat on their partners, and best friends would certainly not make out with their friend’s other half. However, this is not, and never has been, a perfect world, and there are several reasons why your partner may cheat on you with your best friend.

Familiarity breeds attempt!

Your partner probably knows your best friend almost as well as you do, and they make each other laugh and feel good. If you two are going through a bad patch, this might encourage him to try his luck with your best friend, especially if she offers a shoulder to cry on. He may take her sympathy as an invitation to the love he feels he’s lacking in your relationship.

It’s a ‘safe’ way to cheat

Beginning an affair with a stranger can be a hazardous experience. What if she’s got an STD, or if she turns into a bunny-boiler when he says it’s time to move on? Can he trust her not to splash all the gory details of the affair all over Facebook? With a close friend, these dangers are much less likely.

If she goes along with the affair, she’s hardly likely to tell the world, because that would probably signal the end of the affair and the end of the friendship. And if she’s your partner’s best friend, you probably know all about her health and her emotional state. However you look at it, an affair with a partner’s best friend is a safe option – or at least, it’s as safe as cheating is ever likely to get.

It’s a lazy way to cheat

Okay, your wife doesn’t understand you, so you’re keen to find someone who does. However, at the back of your mind is the suggestion that your wife may have a point, and you’re not actually God’s gift to women. Rather than risk rejection in the real world, you decide to come on to her best friend. At worst, you could end up with a slapped face, and at best, you’ve got yourself an affair and a much-needed ego boost. Either way, she’s not likely to tell, and your street cred stays intact – at least on the surface.

She’s coming on to him

Maybe she’s going through a bad patch in her own relationship, and she mistakes concern for something more, or perhaps she thinks her friend is treating her partner badly and he needs some TLC. Either scenario could lead to overtures of a passionate nature, and it takes a very strong man to resist.

Because she’s there

A best friend is, by definition, a regular visitor. If your other half has the potential for cheating, dangling a carrot such as a good looking friend may be all it takes to ignite an affair. Chances are he also has her contact details, or knows how to find them, so making arrangements is so much easier with a semi-permanent fixture in your lives.

If your partner cheats with your best friend, understanding why it happened will not ease the pain of betrayal. However, it may help you to move on with your life afterwards.


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