Saturday, December 16

An Easy Way To Create Your Own Job Now

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According to the department of labor,, the nationwide unemployment rate is over 9.8% with variations from seasonal employment during the Holidays. That may not include the part timers who have accepted less work to survive. Over fifteen million people are searching the same database that you are searching, going to the same interviews and may have better qualifications than you do.

The unemployment insurance situation has added to the problem with extensions that Congress barely passes and will someday stop.

During these high times of employment crisis, the United States unemployed have traditionally become more creative and have had to learn new skills. Writing content for an online blog such as Bloggers, Associated Content, Suite101, etc are ways you can write for money online.

Although many of you may have heard or tried out writing content for web sites, joined various blogs to make money through Google advertising, you may not have heard of Bukisa.

Bukisa is available for beginner writers to hone their skills in research and topics. There are several reasons to add or begin with them to create income for yourself.

  1. Easy to join.

  2. Free to join.

  1. Invite other people and earn a small commission

  2. Better writing equals better pay. Make a quality page of content and you will earn a little more.

  3. Easily invite friends from your social networks: Facebook friends, Twitter, your email lists, etc.

  4. Create links to your blog, web site or a friend’s site.

  5. Become a resume of writing and get more writing work from other sites by showing off your great content.

If you are consistent with your writing of quality content, you will see earnings increase each month. Once you are established with a regular income flow, you might not want to go back to the nine to five employment grind.


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