Saturday, December 16

Weird Music Directions: Part II

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The second part of the musical directions:


from: “The Holy War”

like a ton of bricks

Used this one once for brass: “Con Violenza

My current favourite instruction is ‘Tempo di Santa‘, as seen on the Twelve Days of Christmas (Twelve Days of Hard Work) arrangement

In a conteninental style – a-la James Last” in tritsch-tratsch polka is certainly a classic

for a brass band: “Tempo di Groovy Bossa Nova” on sould bossa nova

John Stump’s “Faerie’s aire and death waltz” including ‘like a dirigible‘ and ‘like a new orleans concertina choir.’

some more from the same piece:

* “light explosives now… and… now”
* “insert peanuts”
* “gradually become agitated”
* “continue ‘swimming’ motion”
* “balance your chair on 2 legs”
* “rests are imaginary”
* “Cornet use ice”
* “Play ball!”
* “sell mute”
* “Slovenly”
* “release the penguins”
* “opt. shoe horn”
* “Have a nice day”
* “remove cattle from stage”
* “Moon walk”
* “Rigatoni”
* “Like a dirigible”
* “Cool timpani with small fan”
* “Like a New Orleans concertina choir”
* “Lakers in 6.”
* “cresc. or not”
* “slippage may occur”
* “Timpani sticks on bell”
* “whole arm on black notes”
* “begin turning flame slightly higher and higher”
* “rotate embochure”

Con Malizia” on Year of the dragon”. “With Malice” Brilliantly descriptive

There’s an arrangement of The Simpsons theme tune done by someone called Phil Lawrence that I’ve played many years ago. Some of the performance directions on that which I can remember include:

a la Jack Russell
Play on mouthpiece
Play badly as in a school band
Swing a la lead boot

Festival Music, 2nd movement, figure 3 – ‘Tempo Comodo

Brass Band Standard Audition which I hadn’t seen for years. At the top of the sheet is the men’s test piece, a one and a half stave rendition of Abide With Me.

Below it is the women’s test piece, Love Theme from ‘Prelude and the Last Hope in C and C sharp minor’, from the Opera “Marche de L’oie” (March of the Ducks), op. 45, No. 9, trad. arr. John Stump. It runs to 10 staves and includes directions such as:

  • spoken
  • sopranos only
  • Song of Yum-Yum
  • On the fingerboard
  • Stage trumpets
  • Guitar solo
  • If necessary, stagger breathing so as to sustain organ point here

and so on. The piece includes

  • a repeated passage, cantabile with a hairpin dynamic, consisting of 437 bars rest, except with a demi-semiquaver triplet at the end of the first time bar

  • a section in 15 flats (slowly, ad lib.)

  • a 37/64 time signature

  • a semibreve to be played giocoso
  • a cadenza with so many pause marks it looks like a bubble bath

  • the piece finishes with an appassionato glissando from pedal E to double super F above the stave before ending on a trilled demi-semiquaver on the 14th ledger line below the stave (add organ).

The very first direction of the piece is ‘slower’! I think that’s where I came in!



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