Friday, December 15

How to Prevent From Being Assaulted

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Never walk alone

It’s hard for them to tackle three or four people so never walk by yourself. You should always buddy up and be with someone. Always ask someone to walk with you, you can also ask a security or police officer to escort you in secluded area.

Lock your car

You should lock your car when you’re inside of your car because people can always walk up to you and open it. You should always check your car before you get in and always watch your surroundings since criminal always sit around waiting for a victim.

Avoid the night time

You should avoid the night time because it’s very dangerous. No one is around and it’s easier to attack you. They can run and you might not be able to recognize their face or their car. They come out more in the night time.

Always have a cell phone

You should always have a cell phone to call for help. The police can help you if you’re injured. It’s hard to make a phone call when you don’t have a phone with you and if you’re injured.

Don’t live by yourself

If you live by yourself, you will be targeted. You should live with other people or even renting out to roommates just so you have people in your home.

Have dogs

When dogs bark, you will know where to go. Dogs are great to protect your home. You can have them run in the backyard or tie them to the front yard. They will bark at the slightest sound of the grass moving. It’s extremely helpful since they can even get the neighbor’s attention when you’re not home.


It will take them longer to carry out your TVs or sofa. It’s funny but they will carry out anything that they can carry out. You should install fences to keep them out.

Don’t bring too much with you

If you wear a lot of jewelry, or carry a lot of things in your car, they will most likely think that you have valuable things they can steal.

Avoid bad neighborhoods

There are more attacks in bad neighborhoods because they all live there. Don’t go to bad neighborhood unless you need to go there and always go with someone.


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