Thursday, December 14

Why She Didn't Call You

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She is not interested

If she’s interested, she will definitely call you back. If she’s not interested, she would not have a reason to call you. It’s better to go cold turkey than telling you all the hurtful things. You have to read between the lines.

She’s shy

Some women are shy and they’re waiting for you to make the move. Women can get scare just like you and they will wait for you to make the move. They will not make the move themselves.

She’s waiting for you

She could be waiting for you to call. It’s kind of embarrassing to call if you’re the girl. You don’t know exactly if they want to talk to you or not. You could try to give her a ring and see what will happen.

She’s confused

She could be confused with herself and what she wants. She might like you but maybe she’s looking for something different than what you can offer.

She’s busy

She could be super busy with work or school. She might not have time to date you. She has to make commitment to other people. You should give her a break and wait until she has time if you really want to date her.

She’s dating other people

She could be seeing other people too. If she’s seeing other people, she might be busy trying to juggle between all of you. It’s not fair but people date a lot of people at the same time.


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