Monday, December 18

How to Recognize Child Abuse

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If you see bruises, it could be from abuse. Children don’t just get bruises out of a where. Usually, they will be afraid to speak up because they have no where to go. They’re victims. They can’t speak up or fight for themselves. Children are the targeted group because they can’t do anything about it. They’re the target for physical abuse and sexual abuse.


Children withdraw if they’re depressed or if they have problems. They will not talk to their friends or join in groups for fun. They will hide or be alone by themselves somewhere.


If they cry often or just out of no where, it could be from abuse.  Why would babies cry out of no where? They might have a reason to cry. If you see them cry, you should assess them and ask why they’re crying.


If they act like they’re in pain, there could be reasons why they’re in pain. Pain could be from previous injuries or that it’s radiated from mental pain.

Missing school

They could ditch school because they’re depressed or if they have bruises and they don’t want to be seen in public. Children who have been abused will often miss school.


They act fearful when they’re in public. There is a reason why they’re fearful. They could be sitting in a corner by themselves. When you come over, they look down or that they use their hands to cover themselves. They react the way that they have been reacting to the abusers. They mimic those behaviors.


When they are depressed, you will know that something is wrong. Why would they be depressed out of no where? Children don’t know too much about life so there is no reason to be depressed but being abused.

Gaining weight

They eat a lot when they’re depressed. They don’t feel like keeping up with their appearance because they don’t have a reason to look good. Their future looks gloomy.

What you can do

You should report to social services and let them help the child if you’re a teacher or public worker. You can call social service, and let them know the name of the child, what school they’re attending and their home address or phone numbers if you know it. When you see a child in this situation, you should try to get as much personal information as you can from them or from their friends. You can save their lives. They can be put into foster care and they can have better lives than living at home where they might get more abuse or even sexual abuse. Some children can die from parents that are on drugs or can’t stop abusing them. Social series will be able to lawfully help them finically and get them out of those situations. If people care for animal, then they should care about human. No one deserves to live with that kind of cruelty and you can help them.


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