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Tips For Those Living in an Abusive Home

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Talk to the elderly about it

If there is an elderly in the house, you can tell them about it and get help. Sometimes, grandparents or adults can help you if you have step-parents that are mean to you. You should talk to them in private and demand help. You should be careful though if the abusers are violent, they might get back at you for telling on them.

Social service

If you’re under 18, there are social services out there to help you. They will bring you to a foster care home until you’re over 18. You don’t have to live under abusive condition. If you’re the elderly being abused, you can call social services as well. They can give you free housing to live in and you don’t have to suffered from depending on people financially.

The police

If it gets really bad, you can call the police to offer you help. The person that abuses you can also be arrested if they found proof that you have been abused. There is no excuse for domestic violence.


There are a lot of services from church that can help you. They can give you shelter, counseling and food. They can help bring you to a homeless shelter too. They can also help you financially too. The Church is a great place to get help.

Welfare services

There are welfare services that can be of great use to you. You can get food stamps, free housing, financial assistance, and Medicare if you so qualify and most of the time, if you don’t have a high paying job, you will qualify.

Get out of the house

You should find a good place to go to so you can get out of your house. You don’t have to stay in the house all the time. If the abuser is at home all day, you can go out and go home when the other parent that can be good to you go home. You can go to the library, college, star bucks, and the park, the beach, Barnes and Noble, church or the mall. The public library has computers and books to entertain you. You can read or study there. You should find a good excuse to get out of the house until things get better.

Don’t do the red flags items

You should never argue back at the perpetrator, it’s not worth it and they can end up hitting you. Their main purpose is to control you, and to get a reaction from you. If you react to them then you will lose. They like to get an argument out from you because they like to fulfill their empty heart and soul with anger. Some people feel on anger and it’s how they thrive. You should never be around the kitchen or places where there are objects that they can hit you with. You should let them win and keep things quiet.

Get a job and move out

You should move out and get a job. This will help you get away from abuse. If you’re old enough, you should get a job, and it doesn’t matter what it is as long as you have a job and income. You can rent a room in people’s home for $300 a month and that will keep you away from the abusers.


If you have friends who can help you then you should seek help from them. They can call the police for you or give you temporary shelter.


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