Thursday, December 14

Tips For The Well Being of Being Gay or Lesbian

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Keep a secret

You have the right to be gay but having everyone accepting you is another thing. You can tell anyone that you want to but they might not respect you or even accept you. You might have to face harassment and humiliation, which is not worth it. No one has to know your orientation except you. You have the right to live freely and only tell people if you really want to. You can keep a secret and no one will ever pry into it. You will live more peacefully this way.


You should not show public display of affection since many people will be surprise by your affection in public. Many people are still against gay and lesbian, especially in your neighborhood or in college or at the church. You can save it when you get home, unless you don’t mind people harassing you or giving you weird looks.

Don’t tell your work place

The work place is the one place that you don’t want to expose your orientation. It’s different than your friends or family. It’s where people come together to be professional and to get the job done and it has nothing to do with your orientation. You can do a job well being gay but you don’t have to let everyone know since you risk your chances of being respected by your co-workers. I once knew a gay Pediatrician and I feel differently about him after I found out that he was gay and working with children. It’s a little hard for some people to find out, especially if you’re in ethical professions like medical or education.


You should do a lot of things with your mate in privacy since you risk being harassed in the public place. I get harass for my ethnicity, talking about exposing your sexual orientation. People harass me just because I’m from a different ethnic group. You should aim for a more private life.

Stay away from churches

The church always talks against being gay and lesbian. If you don’t want to be harassed by this group, you should stay away from them.

Go to places that are for gay people

You can go to social places that are for gay people. People there will understand you more and you won’t be harassed, plus you will find commonality with those people, like gay club or gay bar.


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