Saturday, December 16

Life After Being an Assaulted Victim

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Therapy is a must for those that are emotionally vulnerable to their past attack. You will need the help of a therapist to get over your wound. It will take time but with the help of a therapist, you could get it over faster. You should seek counseling and some are free, especially for rape victim, and gun violence.  

Group support

You should seek group support, where you will meet people in the same situation. You will feel better and not alone, knowing that there are people who suffered from the same problems that you do. You can talk to each other about your problems and how you can improve your lives.

Start a new life

You should start a new life so that you’re not stuck in the past. You should consider dating or getting married or focus on your career. Life is too good to be focusing on the ugly part of your past. Its a little part compared to the bigger part that is planned for you. There are so much more to life then staying at home and dwelling on your past. You should not give your enemy that much power. You should take the power back and be in charge of your life.

Face your enemy

You should face your enemy if they’re around. It will end your fear but give you a chance to get an apology from them and also get to confront them. Once you get to confront them, it will be very comforting. You will also feel better once you get an apology form them

Try different lifestyles

You can move to anther city or another state, where you will not be reminded of the event. Out of mind is out of sight. Once you don’t see or hear about the same event that happened, you will most likely forget about it. If it’s haunting for you, you should avoid talking it about it daily or confront the same situation that reminds you of the incident. Once you have done therapy, you should erase it permanently from your mind, so that it will not harm you.


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