Thursday, December 14

How to Deal With Being Dump

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It’s not your fault

If people leave you, it doesn’t mean that it’s your fault. It just means that you might not be the right person for them but it doesn’t mean that there is someone out there who will see you as a good fit for them.

Don’t blame

You should not blame him for leaving you because they all have good reasons and if you’re not meant to be together then you should not complain. You don’t want to stay in a relationship where he doesn’t want to be with you. It will make you feel terrible anyways. You want to be with people who want to be with you.

Don’t insult

You will feel tempted to swear at them but don’t do it. It will satisfy them more if you get angry. When you don’t get angry, they will not get satisfaction from dumping you. Sometimes, they will dump you to get back at you for something you did previously.

Go out and find someone new

You will get over the person more so if you go out and find someone new. You should aim at finding someone new. Life is not about living in the past but it’s about moving forward.

Avoid the phone

The phone is a ghost when it comes to breaking up. You sit there by the phone all day long, hoping that they would call and apologize to you but don’t do it. You should turn the phone off and find something else to do.

Talk to someone new

When you get to know someone new, you will forget about the old person. It’s time to forget about the old person.

Deal with anger

If you really love that person, or if you were really emotionally involved, you should deal with that anger and make sure you get it all out. You should rationalize and tell yourself why you broke up wit that person. It could be a good thing that you guys broke up.


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