Sunday, December 17

What Turns Men on

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Good looks

Men are very visual beings and they can’t turn away from good looks. If you want to turn a man on, you have to try to look your best, like wear a sexy dress, and do your hair and makeup. If you ignore your looks, he might not be turn on at all.

Sweet personality

Men love women who are sweet. They don’t like women who are rude, loud, or mean. They like someone who can be submissive or at least listen to them, but realizing that most women out there are career, independent women, who are controlling, so it’s hard to get this out of them. However, you can try to let the men win once in awhile, and just listen to them or just smile and don’t fight back.


Men love to be able to talk to women who are intelligent too. They love it when you can carry on a conversation or know what to say when they present you with a problem they have at work or with friends. They like to be able to share with you on a mental level.


Men love women who can cook for them because some men just can’t cook at all while others are fantastic chef. If you can surprise them with a home made dinner every now and then, they will be really turn on.


Men love to have kids too so if you can give him a child or two that will turn him on. Children is like a family carrying on sort of deal so they don’t really want to be childless.

Good sport

You support him for whatever that he wants to do. You do things with him like watch sport even if you don’t like it.

Good parenting

You take good care of your children and this is a sign that you care for your family and relationship.


You have a job because he would not want to be the sole provider. It would be great if he has some help.


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