Saturday, December 16

What Turns Women on

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Men with manners

Nothing turn on a woman more than men with manners, we’re tired of men who call us names and cheat on us. If you can treat women good and with respect then you can expect them to stick around.

Men with a job

Women love it when you can take care of yourself and you can take care of them. It’s a sign that you will be able to take care of your family when you’re married.

Men that have an education

Women love a man who knows a lot about life. They like intelligence too. It’s great if they can talk to you just about anything. Can you imagine not being able to talk to people at all when you’re with them?

Men that know how to care for women

Women love it when you care about them, like pick up the tab, take them out, give them a jacket when it’s cold, or fix their car. Women love men that can take care of their women.

Men with a home

Women love men who are wealthy. Powers and wealth attract women because it shows that you’re successful and can take care of them.

Men that give

Men that give are men that have a big heart. Women love men who can give them things or at least show that they have a heart.


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