Friday, December 15

Benefits of Walking

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Walking is good for us in more ways than I can count. Walking for just 30 minutes per day, five days weekly will help you to achieve optimal health and prevent many types of diseases.

One of the things that walking does first of all, is sensitizing your body to your own insulin. So if you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and need ways to lower your blood sugars other than diet and medications, try walking a lot. Insulin cells become very receptive to the insulin in the body as you walk more.

Walking also helps a person to reduce their weight. After walking for at least 15 minutes, this is beneficial for having burned off calories. As you continue on for 30 minutes, you will notice some positive changes on the scale in just a week. Walking also helps to maintain weight lost.

Any type of aerobic activity will provide strength to the heart and help blood flow become more efficient through the body. The heart will not be required to work as much or as hard than if you were sedentary all of the time. As a result of your regular walking then, your chances of having a heart attack should be much lower than if you don’t walk. Another benefit to walking for the heart is that it can also help to lower your blood pressure if it runs on the high side. Make this activity part of your hypertensive treatment regime!

Do you have bone problems such as arthritis? If you do, this is all the more reason to begin walking for that 30 minutes daily! Walking loosens up the joints a lot, and as a result of that, you should find that you have better strength and mobility all around. Walking has a way of lessening bone and joint pain too. You don’t have to walk extremely fast to gain the benefits either. Even strolling for 30 minutes around the mall or your neighborhood will provide health benefits to the bones. Walking has also been known to improve the bone density in people.

Walking is also meditative and helps to relieve depression symptoms. It gives you a chance to meditate as you do it, and often helps to work out some of life’s problems. The reason for this is that taking a good walk raises the endorphin levels in the brain which help mood.

Since walking also improves cholesterol levels and blood flow, that means it is also preventive medicine for strokes. So this is one more reason yet to get up, and start your walking routine today for your way to better health!


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