Thursday, December 14

Apple Macintosh – Why? Why Not?

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This is the longest running question in personal technology. And I present to you arguments for both sides to help you make up your mind.

Why MAC?

Apple says – “Why upgrade a PC when you can upgrade your computer experience with a MAC?”

Every MAC user that you meet goes on and on about its functionality and the Apple experience. So what is it that makes the sleek machine stand out so much amongst its contemporaries?

Better computer – Thats what Apple and most of its users claim. 

Innovative features – Itunes can be synced with your ipod, iphone, or ipad

Better battery life – On a single charge, you can get up to 8-9 hours on the 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro, and up to 10 hours on the MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Technology– Built in camera and mic are a great feature, although they are now available in all leading laptops as well. However, the ichat on the Apple machine will let you chat with your other family members who own products from Apple family in real time. The light sensors and backlit keyboards are an innovative feature that let you work in the dark as well, although for the sake of your eyesight I would recommend always working on the computer with enough light. 

Security – As of the day of publishing this article, there is no need to install any anti virus software ever  

Wireless experience – A wireless keyboard and a wireless magic mouse make up for a truly wireless experience

Environment friendly – Apple says that its machines are energy efficient, use fewer toxic substances that they are trying to eliminate as much as possible and are recyclable. 

Why not MAC?

Built in battery – One thing that scares me a bit about Apple Macbooks is that they have built in batteries. While this could be convenient in the short term, if the battery breaks you can’t simply replace the battery yourself, you will need the help of an Apple technician. That is why when you buy Apple make sure you also buy the Apple care with it. 

Software like MS OFFICE– Another most common gripe that most people have is familiarity with MS Office and windows platforms. It is a slight learning curve when you first start working on Apple Mac machines, but the iworks makes sure you can easily open and create the classic word or powerpoint documents. 


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