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Mullholland Drive From Director David Lynch, Starring Naomi Watts

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I’ve mentioned before when writing my reviews that I’m into strange and unusual films. Well Mullholland Drive is certainly one of them! When I first sat down to watch this I had no idea what to expect, no expectations or even an idea of what the film was about. So how did it rate? And what is this film all about.

Well Mullholland Drive came out back in 2001. It was not really a very well known film but since it was released it has been widely acclaimed as a real masterpiece. It was nominated for an Oscar and also won many other smaller awards and clocked up loads of nominations. The film is directed by the brilliant David Lynch. This is the guy who brought us the bizarre Twin Peaks so it’s no surprise that this film is slightly unusual.

Mullholland Drive stars Naomi Watts who plays a character called Betty. She has moved to Hollywood dreaming of becoming a movie star. She is staying in her Aunts house while she is away, and upon arriving finds that there is a woman already there called Rita played by Laura Harring. She soon realises that there is something wrong with the woman who has been in a car accident. The woman has lost her memory. They pair try and find out who this woman actually is and realise she has a dark secret.

The film follows several different threads of story. Some seem to have no real relevance to the overall story but are still interesting and often very entertaining. The threads often get tangled up with each other and you find two stories over lapping. The performances by Naomi Watts and Laura Harring who plays the girl with the lost memory, are excellent. They really carry there parts off well and make the story come to live.

The film is very confusing and there are some really bizarre sections in it. It easy to loose track of the story and I had to really watch it a few times to fully understand what was going on. Some people may find this frustrating, but I like films that confuse you and get you thinking.

There is a wonderful atmosphere about this film. The way it is filmed and the music all combine to make it really dark and quite disturbing in places. The first time I watched this I remember being actually scared in places, which is unusual for me especially as this is not really a horror film in any way. It’s just really tense in places.

The soundtrack is also worth a mention, some really good music in places and also some very strange music, but it all works so well and really adds weight to the film.

The film itself runs for 147 minutes, which is a long time really. Although it does not feel a long time when your watching it, as the story really seems to suck you in and get you involved.

The film is rated 15. There is not to much bad language in it, but there is a little bit of violence and some scenes of a sexual nature between Laura Harring and Naomi Watts which may offend some people. So this is not a film to watch with the family!

If you are a fan of unusual films and like to think outside the box, Mullholland Drive is really for you. I loved this film so much and have seen it quite a few times, David Lynch really is a class act. Every time I watch it again it seems to throw up new questions that I have not thought of before. Its filmed brilliantly, there are some strong performances and its just a really classy little film. Go and give it a try. I get the feeling you will either love it or hate it!


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