Saturday, December 16

Finishing a Project , or Not?

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People are weird. Either people get into something and becomes obssessed with it or stop doing as soon they got their first hurdle to overcome.

I got plenty of ideas in my head, yesterday I had the idea of making a giant manual on how to rebuild society of scratch in case of disaster. We live in an information age. But a lot of people don’t know the basic things, how to make metal, make fire, harvest food, make bricks, do proper carpentry,… Most things you should know, and if people got in a situation that happened. A big magnetic solar flare may cause an EMP effect, practically rendering all electrical equipment useless, including powerplant.

Today I had the idea of rewriting Edgar Allen’s Poe prose in a mdern version. I don’t really know why, I felt like doing it. Maybe would see that Poe wasn’t just about horror, but also comedy, fantasy, science-fiction and detective stories.

I started working on a project a few weeks ago, a website, then I got distracted by technicalities, like lay-outproblems, and the use of php-servers. Now the project has gathered dust, well not a lot, but a layer of particles lays on it. A friend of mine hates dust, maybe that’s what we all should do, make sure there is no dust on projects we undertake. Go on ’till we get stopped by a brick wall, then get a sledgehammer, make an opening and climb through and carry on.

People want control. That’s why dreams get so rarely see itself be fulfilled. People are like ants, controlled chaos, they function best when it does. Resist control, want control, that’s the essential dilemma that humans have.

How far should you go to get your dream? How long do you have to go on, even if you know you will never get it? Should dreams be something to long for, or do you really want them to be fulfilled.

How does a man get a passion for things; and when not? Genes and upbringing is one thing, was Kim Peek passionate? Maybe, maybe not, it was out of his control.

The best fulfillment is striving for perfection. Something you will never get, close, but never there. Never ever had anyone done anything perfect in a subjective matter.

Now, how do you get over these lulls, that everyone has? Some people tend to just go one, finishing projects, mostly very successful. other do try and quit every time. Even the ones that try to do a project, but when failing miserably, just start a new one, until they get what they want.

Is it possible to get from a trier, to a doer? Are some people doomed to trying untill they die? So many questions and uncertainties in life.

To get your mind so focused on a project that even can threaten one’s health: putting yourself in danger for sake of glory. Is glory more important than control?

I wish I had answers to the questions: go and do. instead of giving it a shot, just focus and try just as long as you get it! We are trial and error-beasts. Even maniacs! Get that little talent you got, originated from thousand years of genetic engineering, to some use, for your own glory and control. Get uncontrolled.

Try to switch back to your childhood state, where everything is possible, to be a king, a professor, a pilot, a fireman. Don’t listen to advice that says you are aiming too high. You might fail and overgrasp yourself, but overgrasping is better than not living your life to your full potential. Even if you don’t have a full potential. Be inventive! Try to circumvent the obstacles or smash trough them, with all the power you have in yourself. Either way, only then you can see what one person can do. Help others, talk to a lonely elderly. a few minutes of your time might cheer up another one for a day or a week. Smile, be friendly, but mean it! Mean it, otherwise it is futile.

If you are in a lull, try to find ways, even it sidetracks you, to overcome it. A person can do a lot of things, even tho we are little spokes in a large world, you can change it. The more change you want, the more people will be against you. But one person will stand besides you. Maybe more. Don’t support on the pessimists, but stand on the ones who believe in you.

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