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Is Trond a Scam ?

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Is Triond a Scam ?

Triond is an user content generated site which pay it’s users for writing and submitting articles. When you talk of Triond then there is bound to be lot of mixed reactions. Some writers feel Triond is writer’s paradise but many think just the opposite. Many writers have complained about the slow pace of earnings and no transparency in how much an article can earn per view. Despite all this allegations Triond definitely is one of the best places on the internet to submit articles and earn some money. My personal experience has been good with Triond. At first, in the first few weeks I remained confused about my earnings but I slowly started to understand how things work on Triond though I don’t claim to be a Triond guru. My whole point is if you want to write and have fun then Triond is for you. Triond publishes basically anything and there word limit is too low but if you get too much into earning then Triond is not the place for you . I have 38 articles published on Triond and they continue to make me money every day and the best part is their minimum payout is as low as $0.50 so just a few articles and a little bit effort can ensure payouts every month.  Once you get your first payout you will get your referral id through which you can earn even more.

If you are disappointed with Triond earnings then one sure shot way of increasing it , is to join Bukisa.

You can increase your online earnings by publishing your articles in Bukisa. Bukisa is a site that is more or less like Triond but the only thing is that, in Bukisa you can expect to earn a little bit more. You can also publish your Triond articles in Bukisa as Bukisa accepts republished articles. So with one article you can generate two source of income. So join Triond and Bukisa today and have fun. 

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