Wednesday, December 13

The Importance of Employees Internet Monitoring at Workplace

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The Management is often placed in awkward positions as they adapt to innovations in the workplace.  Internet is one of the most needed technological advancement for businesses however, it’s versatility in application is hampered by the behavioral role displayed by the workers.  As a major socializing tool, the internet is prone to abuse and misuse by the employees in the workplace.  Technological innovations are strategic alignments for business organizations to advance their competitive edge.

Nonetheless, Internet use is often abused where the management does not have sound ethical guidelines to govern the use of this communication tool. The employees are easily ruined to engage in personal Internet use due to its borderless accessibility to information. In fact, the Internet is considered a fun and recreating activity. When workers begin to use it for fun and recreation, they fail to understand that they are doing the right thing at the wrong place and in the wrong time.

Employees are in workplace to undertake tasks and other assignment in form of jobs. Their time is limited. The management expects to get the optimum results of the tasks. Internet interferes with the concentration of the employees to their jobs. It slows down productivity and affects the efficiency and effectiveness of the workers. It may also affect the quality of products and this impact on the buyers’ behavior. If not checked, it can result to total shift of positive performance to a retarded performance.

The management assumes the role to control the use of Internet in order to avert the workers from being swept away by the curiosity to discover fun and recreation in the Internet which affects productivity. When the use of this tool is monitored, this gets the employees alertness and they are aware that somebody somewhere is monitoring their activities in the workplace.  This way they desist from abusing the use of the Internet. They concentrate on their duties and their performance is least affected. This implies that the workers only use the net for the intended purpose and thus it saves time, energy and efforts which would be lost through unconstructive use of the tool.

Where Internet is used for research, survey, transactions, access to work-oriented programs and of course information flow within and out of the company, there is increased productivity and profitability. There is increase in product knowledge, understanding of the market dimensions and trends as well as an understanding of the customer needs and expectations. And what does this mean to the company?


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