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5 Useful Jquery Plugins to Integrate Twitter Into Websites

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Twitter is one of the most popular sites for having conversations online. So there are a lot of tools for the efficient use of Twitter. Twitters openness  have already proved to be a great strategy. Another trend in social media is incorporation of tools like twitter into blogs and websites. The idea behind this is that,  visitors to a blog or website may find the tweets listed good and consider following to get more similar tweets. This is certainly an good approach compared to just adding a “follow me on twitter” button.

Some Useful jQuery Plugins to Integrate Twitter into Websites are,


Inviting tweets to your website is a latest trend of integrating with others and adding liveliness to your website. For this you just require a Twitter account and Juitter which is a jQuery plugin will helps you to display tweets using the defined keywords.

2. Jquery twitter api plugin

This site will give you a description of a jQuery plugin which retreives the details such as count of followers & following , name, homepage URL when given the Twitter username. With the help of this plugin you could also create another plugin which can show the avatar image.

3. Twitter timeline

Organize the tweets in your site using the timeline property and show the tweets from the new ones to the oldest ones. This tutorial will surely help you to create your own timeline plugin using jQuery and CSS and will give you a demonstration of using them in your site.

4. Friend follower widgets

Now you could also display your friends, followers and following list of your Twitter account on your website. By installing this widget you could also add the list of your friends or followers along with their photos and they could see your profile on Twitter.

5. Jquery live twitter

You can update your tweets on website live with the help of livetwitter plugin and display tweets from the time line of a user.


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