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Planning For Vacation & Travelling Tips II

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Travel Tip 4. First aid kit

Motion sickness during a holiday vacation is possible. Or perhaps the mosquitoes have decided to go on a binge. Whatever the case, it’s always good to pack a first aid kit.

As a general outline of what someone on vacation would pack:

  • Antiseptic Cream

  • Tweezers

  • Pills for Headache and Fever

  • Medication if I need them.

  • Insect Repellent (for tropic region)

  • Gauze

Believe me, the last thing anyone would want to do is to look for a nearby pharmacy, only to find that there is none. Keep them in a little bag, so that you would know exactly where to find them.

Consult your doctor to take the necessary vaccination and check-up.

For more on traveling and health:

Travel Tip 5. Be alert

Here’s another tip for you: Pickpockets can be found all over the globe, so take precaution. Be alert to your surroundings. To prevent unwanted fingers picking at your wallet, consider having a small flat pouch worn around your neck and tucked inside your clothing. And keep those blings at home, you wouldn’t want to tip off any robbers.

Never leave valuables behind your car. And plan your most expensive purchase for the last.

For your own safety, consult your hotel on which part of the town where you should be more careful.

Travel Tip 6. Kids

Those with kids will understand how energetic children can get. Prepare a list of activities for your children in the event that they get bored. Bear in mind what may be exciting to you may not be so for them, especially if they are very young.

Give them something to look forward to everyday, be it trip to the museum or carnival.

Tip 7. Mood

And the last tip of them all: Understand that not everything will happen the way you planned. And that’s why it’s called a vacation! Now, don’t be so uptight. Keep that light-hearted attitude in the event something unexpected cropped up, and then you’d have a wonderful memory about say, that time where that museum was closed but you found a café nearby that serve those wonderful bagels.

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