Monday, December 11

Planning For Vacation & Travelling Tips

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 Travel Tip 1. Prepare

Research. That’s right. The place where you are heading to, your route and activity there. Do a quick check on any cultural and social niceties that must be observed there. That’s the one tip that should stay in your mind when travelling. Forums and tour guide agencies are a good place to start on your research. Come on people, you have the Internet. Use it!

“Photocopy any important documents in the unlikely event that you lose it.” advised Lawrence. Keep these photocopies close to you. Now, for those with kids, it is advised to have some form of identification with you. That way, if need be, Lawrence will have photos to show the police there should his kids get lost while travelling.

For Lawrence, his kids are instructed to tell strangers, “Sorry, I can’t go with you. Could you find a police officer?” should they get separated. And for obvious reason. Safety, safety and still safety. Tell your kids never to trust strangers.

Travel Tip 2. Make time

You don’t want to start out your holiday all panicky and bothered. So take time off to settle things that need to be settled; such as, who is covering for you, is your flight confirmed, who is watering your plants and feeding Fido, who will pick up your mail and subscription (if you have any), etc. Try not to pack on the day before your vacation trip, that is rather risky.

And if necessary, plan to have a day off before returning to work after vacation. You need time to get settled, rest and recharge before heading back to tell your colleague about the giant Moai you saw at the Easter Island.

Travel Tip 3.Pack Light

Not to mention that there’s a tariff on excess luggage. People often pack a lot of clothes in, and then they end up not wearing them. And heres’ a tip for you on packing for your vacation: ask yourself this, “Do I really need that while away?”

Pack what you think is necessary, then walk around with your luggage in your hand. If you’re panting at the end of it, well, obviously, time to repack!

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