Monday, December 11

Making Cool Steady Cash On Blogging.

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Making money niche is one of the most popular niches online. people set up blogs and blog about money on their blogosphere.  But the truth is that most people especially newbies are suffering from information overload.

It is therefore important that I blog today how I make money full time blogging part time. Blogs on their own do not make money for bloggers. It is the blogging activities that bring money to bloggers. And blog income is divided into two categories; money made by one time blogging and money made passively from previous blogging activities.

1. Affiliate programs: Yes, I make money from affiliate programs from various affiliates that I promote. This constitute a percentage of my income. And here I make money from passive income resulting from my previous blogging activities. These are centered on the niche or topic of my blogging.

2. Consultation/Services Income: As I blog about solutions to problems, I make money from consulting with me on phone, email and chats from Web Traffic, E-cover Design, Payment Solution as well advise to newbies who want to start businesses full or part time.

3. Information Marketing (Sales of Products): I have both printed books on Information Selling, Domain Business as well as Videos on How to run a web hosting, domain registration and web design business as I do. I make real money here monthly no doubt. I run a training school for seminars, workshops as well as one-on-one training where my students meet me and my team to be mentored. To have the information marketing ebook, Click Here.

4. Membership Sites: Some major part of my money comes from autopilot income from my 6 Weeks Pro blogger mentoring membership site class. Here, my students go through 6 weeks task of setting up blogs and making multiple streams from their blog. I take them through step by step tasks and guides which they implement each week and move to the next step. There is also a one week free access and download for this course and so you may download it now by visiting Free Pro Blog  Weekly Task Guide. To download this course for one week free, Click Here

5. Text Links: I sell adlinks spaces on my site with Text-Link-Ads and Infolinks and this is a part of my income from my blogging activities. With text-link-ads, I make specific text income but with Infolinks, I make money based on clicks and I use this along with google adsense. To signup for info link and start making money, Click here

6. Selling Ad Space: Yes, I have ads that are paids as fixed prices which I sell on my blogs and I am paid monthly. These ads are promotes products and sites for my clients.


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