Monday, December 18

Dental Miracle by Our Lord Jesus Christ!

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I wanted to let everybody know that my experience with Dentist Dr.Sanford N. Schwartz was by far the most pleasant dental experience I have ever had. The staff was all friendly and sincere. My previous Dentists had told me to undergo Root canal procedure and one of them even said I have a crack tooth. They all have taken several x rays about my tooth. I don’t have a pain tolerance and I had a bad experience with my previous dentists and I was very scared of dental Doctors. But Dr. Sanford Schwartz told me that he don’t see anything to undergo Root canal procedure, he can not see nothing in the X – Ray, everything seems to be fine and he do not know why the previous doctors have told me to undergo Root canal. All he said was that I have a sensitivity tooth and told me to undergo desensitizing the sensitive tooth and to use a Prescription Fluoride toothpaste and I did that, it helped me a lot. Before I had a problem in chewing hard stuff. I had a severe pain on the upper left side tooth. I was not biting anything on the left side because of severe pain. Now I am able to chew and there is no pain. I believe that God has healed me. I am so very happy that my tooth got better without root canal surgery. God healed me through this Dentist .God has always been good to me he always creates too many miracles in my life. Every impossible thing is possible with our Lord Jesus Christ. Once Again I am giving another testimony of his miracle and healing. The power of prayer and the Power of Precious Blood of Jesus Christ are really amazing. Jesus bore our sicknesses so that we may be healed. By His Stripes I am Healed. I can overcome anything in the world with the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ! I praise and thank you Jesus for loving me so much and creating wonderful miracles all the time in my life. I believe God’s Miracles all the time. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS if you truly seek him and trust him with all your heart and soul. Jesus said that all things are possible to him he who believes. “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.” Hebrews 13:8.

Praise the Lord for his love and mercy! Amen


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