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Idioms And Phrases: Take

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Take something amiss

To be offended by something said or done

Take some beating

When something takes some beating, it is so good that it is hard to improve on it

Take the bench

To act as a judge

Take something on board

Understand and accept something

Take someone’s breath away

Be extremely beautiful or surprising

Take the bull by the horns

Face a difficult situation by being brave and determined

Take something on the chin

To accept something unpleasant without complaining

Take someone to the cleaner’s

To get a large amount of money from someone usually by cheating

Take coals to Newcastle/ Carry coals to Newcastle

To supply something to somewhere where it’s already in abundance

Take someone into your confidence

To share some secrets with someone you trust

Take up the cudgel for/against someone/something

To argue strongly in support or against someone or something

Take a cue from someone

To be greatly influenced by someone

Take a dim view of something

To disapprove something

Take to drink

To become alcoholic, usually because of some problems

Take to something like a duck to water

To discover that you had a natural ability to do something while doing it for the first time

Take the edge off something

To make less unpleasant

Take exception to something/someone

To be offended by something/ someone

Not take your eyes off someone/something

Not stop looking at someone or something

Take something at face value

Accepting something by its appearance

Take something on faith

Believe something unconditionally

Take a fall for someone

Take a blame for something that someone else did

Take fancy to someone

To like someone very much

Take the field

To go to the field to start a game

Take flight

Run away

Take the floor

To stand and begin to perform

Take up the gauntlet

To decide to fight or compete

Take the gilt off the gingerbread

To spoil something enjoyable

To take the gloss off something

To make something less enjoyable

Take something for granted

Continue enjoying something without appreciating or being grateful to it

Take a hard line on something/ somebody

To deal with severity

Take your hat off to someone

To admire someone very much

Take the heat off someone

To reduce the amount of criticism someone had to face

Take to your heels

To flee

Take the helm

Take the control of an organization

Take a hike

Insulting way to ask someone to leave

Give someone an inch and they’ll take a mile

Said about someone who tries to gain more than what he has been granted, or what he deserves

Take issue with something

To disagree strongly on something

Not take kindly to something

Not like something

Take a hard knock

To be damaged because of bad experience

Take a leaf out of someone’s book

To copy someone

Take a leak

(slang) to urinate

Take a leave of your senses

To loose your judgment

Take the liberty of doing something

To do something without asking permission from someone who might get affected; Change something in a way that other people don’t agree with

Take the lid off/ Blow the lid off

To expose a secret to public

Take something lying down

To refuse to be treated badly without doing anything about it

Take matters in your own hand

Take control of the situation or to deal with problem on your own

Take a walk down the memory lane

Remember happy moments from past

Let nature take its course

To allow someone or something to live or die naturally

Take a note something

Pay attention to something

Take the offensive

To be the first to attack

Take someone’s part

Support someone

Take someone down a peg or two

To show that someone is not as important as they thought they were

Take a pew

Sit down

Take a pick

To choose from a variety of objects

Take place

To happen

Take the plunge

Take the decision after a long consideration

Take a pounding

To receive a lot of criticism

Take a rain check (on something)

Said when you can’t accept an invitation right away, but will like to do it a later period

Take somebody for a ride

To deceive or cheat someone

Take to the road

To start travelling

Take root

To start to be accepted

Take the rough with the smooth

Accept both the pleasant and unpleasant part of something

Take something with a pinch of salt

Not to believe something as you think it’s unlikely or exaggerated

Take a shine to someone

To like someone immediately

Take a cold shower

Said to someone who is sexually excited and needs to calm down

Take someone’s side

To support someone in an argument

Take up the slack

To continue doing a work that someone else has stopped doing

Take a spill

To fall off from a bicycle or a horse

Take centre stage

To be at the centre of attention

Take the sting out of something

To make something less unpleasant

Take stock of something

Carefully consider something

Take to the streets

To express opposition in public

Take something in your stride

To deal with a problem in a calm and composed way

Take the stuffing out of

To weaken something severely

Take it from me/ Take my word for it

Said when you ask someone to accept something as true because you know or you’ve experienced it yourself

Take it or leave it

Accept or refuse the offer completely (but don’t negotiate)

Will not take no for an answer

Not to allow someone to refuse you

Take up office

To start an official job

Take a toll

Cause suffering or damage

Take the veil

To become nun

Take the wind out of someone’s sails

To make someone feel less confident, usually by doing something unexpected

Take someone under your wing

To start protecting someone

Take the word out of someone’s mouth

To say something someone else was about to say

Take the wrap off something

To let people know about something

Take years off someone

To appear or feel someone much younger

Take into account/Take account of

To consider or remember something with importance

Do a double take

To look a second time because you suddenly recognize something unusual


Mimicry; To make something or someone look silly

Take home pay

Net salary; Income after tax deduction

Take (someone) aback

To surprise or shock someone

Take after someone

To be like someone in appearance or in characteristics

Take against someone

To begin to dislike someone

Take someone apart

To defeat someone

Take back

When something takes you back, it reminds you of a situation in past

Take down


Take something in

To understand something completely


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