Sunday, December 17

Insurance Tips And Aids

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Once you pay your first insurance premium, make sure you receive a written policy. This tells you the agent forwarded your premium to the insurance company. If you don’t receive a policy within 60 days, contact your agent and the insurance company. If you have rental car policy and your car must be in the shop for several days or weeks,the insurer will either arrange for you with a company with whom they have a relationship, or tell you whom to call.There is usually a daily or weekly dollar limit and the insurer will pay the rental car company directly.

For a Medical Payment claim, some people also have health insurance that will cover their bills. Read your auto policy to determine which coverage is ‘primary’, i.e., pays first, and how your insurer handles it if you have double coverage. Although you are entitled to receive payment from your Med Pay coverage on your auto insurance policy, some insurance companies may choose to subrogate against(legally request reimbursement from)your health insurer if your health insurance is primary. Other companies will just pay you directly for your bills even if they were already covered by your health insurance and you can keep that money. Your policy will only cover you for reasonable and necessary treatment, and as long as the amount is within your policy limits.


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