Friday, December 15

Top 10 Best Reasons to Hate Muse

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Today, some proclaim the future successors to U2.Me and ben, successors or not, I still manage to find 10 good reasons not to like.

  1. Everyone, or almost like Muse: even me.It’s not very original.
  2. Because they are poor playback: even they are wrong instrument.
  3. Because a few years ago, we attacked it on the chin with radio waves that we passed Starlight and Supermassive Black Hole Loop: Now, you are entitled to Uprising, Resistance and Undisclosed Desires.The worst part is that this will be the same thing the next album.
  4. Because a girl can not say she is a fan of Muse without anyone to take a groupie Matthew Bellamy: should not forget that there are two other members of the group …
  5. Because there were many broken heads to the group name: you need more inspiration?Do like them!Open a random page and choose a dictionary word that “makes quite a concert poster.Bonus, it can even help you with a song title.Just take the two words around, put them together and voila (muscle museum)!People will be so impressed by your originality they will not even notice that it does not mean anything.
  6. Because if you have the misfortune to say we do not know Muse for a long time people think that it has been discovered thanks to Twilight: Neutron Star Collision and that even the author admits that the lyrics are quite crappy.”Love is forever and we’ll die, we’ll die together, well because I never Said Our Love Could Be Forever …”
  7. Because as soon as U2 or Radiohead covers, you end up talking about Muse: and vice versa.Yet there are other topics of conversation such as Lady Gaga Britney Spears.
  8. Because a group should not have as much complex stuff on stage: lighting effects, massive towers, pyramids, huge inflatable ball and acrobat.Yes, I said acrobat.
  9. Because they play the same songs since the beginning of the tour Resistance: you might think it’s boring.Apparently not.In any case, if we.
  10. Because even the Pope would fan: and that theVatican would have its playlistMuse on Myspace.

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