Saturday, December 16

What we Should Expect in Windows 8  

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Microsoft Windows 8 will soon be Microsoft’s 8th version of Windows. At the moment, we have no clue as to what’s coming in Windows 8. I’m going to be sharing my opinion of what’s to cone in Windows 8. 

Microsoft are just starting to realize simplicity is key in an operating system, and that’s why some have switched to Mac. Windows 7 showed us that Microsoft is capable of creating a simplistic feel, yet have such a complex back-end. I think, Windows 8 will be able to be as simplistic as ever, while still being extremely complex, but having all those features hidden from direct display.

In Windows 8, I think there will be some deep social integration with Facebook, Live MSN, Spaces, and maybe even Twitter. Aside from some of the social integration, I also think the UI will be improved, slightly – but Microsoft has learnt that their Windows 7 OS is by far the most successful, so they’re going to stick with it, I don’t think the look an feel of the operating system will change much.

As well as these features, Microsoft will definitely add some Live and Cloud services in to the OS. For example, SkyDrive, Spaces, Hotmail, Messenger and maybe even the new Microsoft store!

One of the best new features, for all of us – boot time. All Microsoft operating systems get faster boot times, every release. Windows 8 won’t be different, it’ll probably boot faster than Windows 7 does now. 

One last feature I think Windows 8 will have, is the integration of USB3.0, for example – when you plug in a USB3.0 device, Windows will prompt you to connect the device to a USB3.0 capable port – or something like that. 

I’m also quite sure, there will be a strong focus on cloud computing, aside from Google, Microsoft is the only other major company that is doing cloud based work. we can see Microsoft is interested in the cloud, from some of their other products. Microsoft’s cloud based apps include those, such as, SkyDrive, Office WebApps, Lync, SharePoint, Office365, and many more applications that Microsoft have planned for the web. I think their new OS will have something to so with tie cloud. I have also heard plans for an open standard WebGL platform, that Google are exploring, so don’t fret, gamers!

Well, that’s what I think Windows 8 will have in the new release. Post your thoughts in the comments, if you’d like. 


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