Monday, December 11

It Would be Better For The Women to be Feminine

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        Should women exercise? Obviously, women and men are made differently as far as the physical structure is concerned. You can even say that a man and a woman are as different as chalk and cheese. In this analogy, it goes without saying that the woman represents the cheese.

Sex hormones make the difference

 Both men and women have muscle and fat. But the way, these two tissues are distributed in the two sexes are totally different. Men are more muscular and women possess more fat and less muscle. This basic difference is mainly due the predominance of the different sex hormones in the two sexes. For example, testosterone is the major sex hormone in the males. This hormone promotes the building of muscles.

 Muscles require proteins

       Muscles are made from proteins. Thus, when men consume more proteins and exercise, they build up muscles. The emphasis here is on exercise. The muscles have to be toned. The Muscles are like machines. Machines work very well only when they are maintained properly. Likewise, the muscles also have to be maintained and only then, they are hard and strong. In sedentary men, only fat will build up. In the women, the estrogens are the major sex hormones and they are incapable of building muscles. Thus, increased protein intake by the women will not lead to the increase in muscle mass. No amount of exercise will build muscles in the women. This means that however hard they may try, women can never present a muscular look.

Women should be feminine

       Indeed the beauty of a woman lies in not being muscular, but in being graceful and feminine. Actually men are attracted by vulnerable looking women. Unlike women, men are simpletons. When they first encounter a woman they don’t go beyond the looks. They are immediately attracted by the looks and the physical attributes. Hence, it is essential for a woman to be physically attractive. Hence exercise for them should be directed towards maintaining a slim and lithe figure. Developing the muscle is only for the female sports persons. Be physically fit and be attractive. Aerobic exercises for the expenditure of calories and yoga exercises for a supple and flexible body would be useful.


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