Tuesday, December 12

Appointment of The Cvc And The Issue of Corruption in India

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India and corruption seem to go hand in hand. The latest case of the appointment of the Chief Vigilance Commissioner must take the icing on the cake, as far as corruption is concerned. The Government of India have appointed Mr. Thomas a 1973 IAS batch officer as the CVC.The sad part is that this man is already facing a charge of corruption in an earlier case in Kerala. In addition the leader of the opposition and almost the entire opposition had opposed the appointment of Thomas as the CVC.

The government not only over rode the objections of the opposition but persisted in appointing Thomas. This shows that the Manmohan Singh Government is not at all serious in tackling corruption. One is in the same breath reminded of the antics of Raja the telecommunition minister who was also treated with kid gloves, despite overwhelming evidence that his dealings had cost the state to lose heavily.

Action by the Supreme Court

However the last bastion of India, the Supreme Court has stepped in. Clubbing a bunch of PIL’s on the CVC including one by Mr. Lyngdoh, the erstwhile Chief Election Commissioner, a bench of the Supreme Court headed by the Chief Justice himself has served notice to the CVC Thomas as well as the Government of India. The Court has asked Thomas to justify his continuance as the CVC in the light of the allegations against him. But Thomas is a hard nut and has refused to resign. But there is hope that the Supreme Court will give a direction on this issue and Thomas may have to go.

The Government of India led by the present Prime Minister Sardar Manmohan Singh is definitely in the dock, for appointing a man as the CVC, who himself has a doubtful past. It is indeed a wonder as to who heads the Government as the Prime Minister seems to be dictated by others. It is a matter of regret that the Government has appointed a watch dog to police all corruption cases, a man who himself is an accused in an earlier case of import of cooking Oil. Thomas has much to answer as to how he became an accused in this case.


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