Tuesday, December 12

Confessions of a Modern Woman

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“To begin to approach, recognize, rarely a man suddenly approached me on the street. I am a beautiful woman, not to brag and say I plug the opposite sex … but of the many men watching me, I smile or even open a dialogue with me are very few who manage to stir my interest. Of the few who managed to arouse my interest one will get me in bed. We speak of a period x time. There Once the verdict reached … There if you get, and the second time.

It sometimes happens that a man only interested in me sexually, and I’m shocked that men are not happy about it. He wants to keep me. This is so big test. Maybe I’m a weird species of the woman. On me love you by me not a man, because I love sex, and I feel fine with that man but that does not mean I want to spend my whole life with him. If I feel good with him might want me to stay with him … but … here begins the hard part. They are demanding – the man who reaches the status of my friend must be primarily cared to look good (not to be a sex symbol), to have respect for their person, dignity and strong character. He knows how to be a man without trying to astound, to be playful without harm me one thousand pride, love me without suffocating me, respect me without letting me trample him.

Respect a man who knows the extent to be himself, honestly and naturally … intelligent, knowledgeable, religious, resourceful … and last but not least sexy. Most men, when they transmit are not interested to move forward in a relationship with them require explanation. I give them the sincerest  way. Their answer is … I see God as an ideal look and asking too much. My reply is …. Does not mean that man that I wish I did not exist just because you’re different.

I love and I in my turn at a time, a demanding man. I pulled hard for him literally and figuratively. We put Centre, I learned, I cared … I’ve got to have arranged a great job and look as cool. I stayed with him … we do not fit in but the effort was worth it. We understand how much it means to struggle to be just as you would like. Asking more from you, to be demanding with all your faults and flaws, it never gives up wanting more, try to fight … do more.

I seduce me what a man is himself, his attitude, his character … sure … force … the man he carved and polished. Once seduce me … I will keep if you know you love me without becoming dependent on me, surprise me, delight me.

I appreciate a relationship to the extent that this is my corner of paradise, escaping the limits … there with my husband in my bed … in his arms there today, tomorrow … real time. However, I feel that he should know I bear the clouds with a smile that says I love you, with a light touch that tells me .. wish you a strong hug that says I do not go.

As a conclusion … for me … this feeling is what makes life worth living. I do not think it’s more beautiful than that morning when you wake up with your beloved in his arms.”


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