Saturday, December 16

Lagavulin 16 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

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A much sought-after single malt with the massive peat-smoke that’s typical of southern Islay – but also offering a dryness that turns it into a truly interesting whisky!

Colour: Medium Dark Honey, with hints of orange.

Taste: Balanced fruit and floral spray, ocean mist, a milder vanilla, a slightly burnt cinnamon bagel in the toaster kind of smell. String peat smoke, peppery warm kick, buttery toffee later in the dram. Hints of ginger and mandarin. Plenty to go at, you taste something different every time!

I think this has to be one of my favourite whisky’s again. Am a huge fan of the Islay whisky’s and this would always be in my top 3. Really strong peatiness and smoky flavour, basically everything you world expect from a classic Islay malt.

As you finish the drink you get a hot, dry finish. What tiny little maltiness there is quickly fades, leaving a dry smoky burn, which is very pleasing!

As with most whisky’s and would say especially the Islay malts this one does benefit from a tiny splash of water, just enough to turn the whisky cloudy. Make sure you don’t put to much in! Would recommend putting water in first and then adding the whisky! Clever ay!

Price, well its not cheap. Your usually looking at around £30. You might find it a little cheaper, but this does tend to be at the higher end of more regular malts. This is another one that I have never seen on special offer, and if it were I imagine it would be snapped up very quickly!! As for value its not to bad, you should not mind paying a little more for something as good as this.

If you want something a bit special Lagavulin also do 12 year old Cask strength. 15 year old distillers edition and 1990 distillers edition. All worth a try and am sure you will not be disappointed by these whiskies!

Again if your into Islay whisky this is one you cannot afford to pass by. A real classic whisky that everyone should splash out on at least once!


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