Tuesday, December 12

Sublingual Vitamin B12

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In today’s high stress, go-go and 24/7 focus on more is better; it is almost accepted as “normal” to feel tired and overwhelmed at the end of your workday. And to see a friend or co-worker with a handful of sublingual vitamin B12 seldom even causes a raised eyebrow.

The daily chatter in the break room or at the water cooler mostly centers on how tired someone is today or how much work the boss has dumped on your desk. And the list of body ailments gets longer by the hour, including backaches and depression and short tempers and the like.

What most people accept as the effect of too much work and too little rest, could actually be caused by a vitamin B12 deficiency. We all have a general idea that sublingual vitamin B12 in addition to other vitamins must be taken on a regular basis to keep the body healthy. However, we tend to put this on the backburner until the issue requires a visit to the doctor.

Athletes, runners and other regular exercise savvy types know about the need for vitamin C matched with vitamin D, and they are very aware of how much they depend on vitamin B12. In the medical world, sublingual vitamin B12 and its value in the body are well documented and to date, no side effects have been observed from multi-dosing. However, it is always a good idea to check with your doctor if you are going to really ramp up your intake of B12.

So what is the reason anyone would need to consider focusing more seriously in regard to their intake of vitamin B12? Well, for one thing, you’ll not only feel better and notice an energy boost, but you’ll have a stronger feeling of well being and your temper will be easier to manage, especially in high stress environments.

For most of us, coffee, loads of coffee, is the drink of choice for making sure we get through the day. However, overloading your system with caffeine can put a serious amount of stress on your heart and several other organs which is definitely not a desired outcome. The biggest reason for taking vitamin B12 instead of countless cups of coffee a day, is that vitamin B12 is a long lasting energy source that is quickly absorbed into your system when taken in the sublingual form.

For those unfamiliar with sublingual vitamin B12, this refers to the vitamin being taken by way of a tablet that is placed under the tongue to dissolve. Once the vitamin begins to dissolve it is delivered directly into the bloodstream ensuring a very quick response. And the boost in energy lasts for hours.

The bottom line is that energy levels in today’s workplace, as well as at home, tend to be lower than required for handling day to day activities. And stress is proven to deplete many essential vitamins that are stored by the body. Supplementation is an absolute necessity and by taking a healthy dose of sublingual vitamin B12 one can be assured of a safe, reliable and lasting boost of energy.


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