Tuesday, December 12

Attack On Pearl Harbor – A Day Never To Be Forgotten

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If the attack on Pearl Harbor looms big on American consciousness, it is because it was a shocking event that cannot be easily forgotten nor accepted. It was the event that marked America’s official entry to World War II. It was shocking and bitter loss for the Americans for many reasons. America was at the time, not yet officially at war. There was no formal declaration of war against US by Japan, and no forewarning for an attack. In fact, American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in negotiations at the time. It is all the more surprising, because not many people at the time believed that Japan had the capability to launch an attack of such scale. Pearl Harbor was chosen well – the attack basically crippled the US armed forced and navy for a year laying bare south east Asia and the pacific to the Japanese forces. It was a bitter loss of many a young soldiers lives not to mention the loss of war materials. But more than that, it forced America to enter into a war that it neither wanted nor started and a war that it was yet reluctant to fight and which, in its course, would claim many more American lives.


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