Thursday, December 14

How to Unlock Your Blackberry?

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Today we are looking a procedure that most of us will do at one time or another while owning a BlackBerry which is unlocking. Keep in mind, this will only work on GSM devices, or “World Phones” like the 8830WE, Storm or Tour. If you are like me, you will sometimes want a BlackBerry from another carrier to run on your own carrier. Or maybe you want to sell it and increase resale value while opening yourself up to more potential buyers. All you need to do is get an unlock code and follow our quick session and your on your way!

The reason I am sharing this simple and rewarding information is because I feel Berry Owners should have the right to use their phones freely where ever they are in the world.

  1. Call your carrier.
  2. Ask for the MEP code.
  3. Give them your IMEI number.
  4. The IMEI code is also located under the battery
  5. To get your IMEI number, type this on your phone, *#06#, and it should pop up.
  6. Once you get your MEP code, turn off your wireless radio on your phone.
  7. Go to SETTING or OPTIONS.
  8. Then go to ADVANCE OPTIONS.
  9. Then go to SIM CARD
  10. Next step is to type  “MEPD” on your phone.
  11. You should see “Network as Active”
  12. Then you should hold SHIFT + type “MEPE” or “MEP2”
  13. You should see “Network as Disabled”
  14. You are now the proud owner of an unlocked Blackberry

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