Wednesday, December 13

Ten Checks to Bridle Your Emotions

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We are a bundle of emotions. We feel them in our bodies as tingles, hot spots and muscular tensions. Though there are cognitive aspects, it is the physical sensation that makes them really different. It is our emotions that cause us to want and not want.

This millennium has seen more and more women seeking jobs. Though men and women are equally emotional, they have different ways of expressing their emotions. Women often carry their baggage of emotions to work. For them, work is a serious business. They take criticisms seriously and show willingness to correct themselves. Their expectation is high and they tend to get upset when what they expect does not happen.

Uncontrolled emotions

If a woman can restrain or control her emotions, say anger or envy, she can do a wonderful job by being empathetic and sensitive to her colleagues and bring out the best results. But uncontrolled emotions can be perceived as negative traits which create troubles in relationships and spoil the whole work. 

Here are ten tips to check your emotions

1) Manage your stress

Stress is the main source of many problems. It makes you lose your temper. Learn to de-stress through stress management techniques. Today, many distress trainings such as yoga and meditation are available everywhere. Physical activities like jogging can also help you to mange your stress.

2) Avoid immediate reacting

This needs some practice. When you feel that you are emotionally upset, avoid your immediate reaction somehow. Think if it is an issue worth getting emotional and reacting immediately. Try to hold yourself for a few minutes. By the time your emotion will be subsided and you can act better. Evaluate your decision by asking yourself, “Does this issue make any sense?”

3) Come out of self pity

Most of the emotions will make you wallow in self pity. That may hinder your judgment. Come out of your self pity and hone your innate strengths such as awareness, intuition and judgment.  

4) Practice fair play

When you are in your office, consider your colleagues and team work. Practice and encourage fair play and team work. Do not make it a fuss magnifying little things and imagining that everything is on your head.

5) View criticisms positively

Criticisms and corrections are part of growing up. You should be able to analyze them positively and make use of them for your good. View them as inputs to make you stronger.

6) Get involved in healthy debate

Arguing is different from debate. Arguing may add your emotional level. But patient debating may enable you to see the situation correctly. Get involved in healthy debates and avoid hot arguments.

7) Be aware of your weakness

You should be able to understand the level of your emotions. If you are a type of person who gets easily upset with emotion, you should be aware of your weakness.

8) Count one to ten

This is an easy practice to control your emotion. When you feel that you are upset with an emotion, just count numbers one to ten. By the time you reach ten, your emotional outburst can be prevented. This is just to postpone immediate reaction.

9) Focus on the task

Most of the emotions happen when you focus on the person instead of the task. Task is more important than the person. Hence focus on the task and appropriate behavior than the person.

10) When facing harsh feedback just listen

When you happen to face with harsh feedback, take a deep breath and listen to the speaker. Think of what the speaker is saying and then put forth your defense. Raising your voice or speaking too fast will give only negative results,


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