Friday, December 15

DO What You Love!

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Doing what you love!

Loving what you do!

Above sentences might seem similar to you. But if you think carefully, you will notice that in these two simple sentences lies the way you live your life and also lays the secret of a successful, happy and satisfactory life!

The second sentence is the way most people live their life. They love what they do. This can (at times) make them successful and they also seem to be happy and satisfied from the outside. But they are never happy and satisfied from the inside! Let me put it this way- “permanent or long-lasting satisfaction and happiness can never be bought by loving what you do!”

Your heart will only and only get satisfied and happy when you do what your heart says, when you do what your heart likes, when you do what your heart loves. In short, “when you do what you love!”

Not understanding the difference between these two sentences can lead to various wrong decisions in life like wrong career, wrong job, wrong friend circle and even wrong relationships! In all wrong life! I will only focus on the wrong career part because I believe it’s easier to get rid of wrong friends and wrong relationships than a wrong but yet well settled career!

If you are one of those whose ultimate aim in life is to get a six digit salary, own a house, a nice car and etc luxuries then this article is not for you. But if you are one of those rare species who can live without a car but not without a dream, (and you got goose bumps while reading this line!) then this article is totally dedicated to you!

Coming back to careers, I can guarantee that most of the people today are not satisfied with their careers or with the field in which they are in. it is because they never asked themselves before choosing their career; they just went with the flow. When the need of the hour was to stop, think, listen to the heart and decide which way to go only after getting a satisfactory answer from your inner voice!

They realized it much later that the decision they took was a wrong one. A question arises, why they didn’t understood this when it actually mattered?  It’s because they were trapped by dogma- which is living with the results of other peoples thinking. They were busy in listening to others opinions and never really cared to ask themselves. Though some might have asked their heart and even got a satisfactory answer about what their heart likes and what their dreams are. But the pressure from parents, society or lack of guts to chase their dreams would have forced them into making a wrong decision!

Don’t worry. It’s never too late to follow your dreams. It’s never too late to make the efforts to live a life you always dreamt of living! All you have to do is search where your true interests lie, find out what your heart loves to do. It can be anything like watching sports, singing, painting, cooking, computers, driving, writing, movies or any possible thing which a living thing can do. Remember, everyone is an expert at something or the other. Just find out where your true expertise lie. When you find it out, there’s just shouldn’t be any looking back!

Always remember, your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life! The most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become!


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