Wednesday, December 13

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myLot is a social networking site that pays you.

Some call it paid to post site. Because people earn most there from starting discussions and posting replies to discussion.

But there are many ways to earn from myLot.

Here are some tips:

1. Participate a lot. Post quality discussion and responses, and post a lot of images too. myLot pays you depending on the quality of the post you will make. The rates start at $0.01 USD. Depending on the quality, the rate can go higher.

2. Use the search bar. myLot is the only site I know that pays you using their search bar. The rate is $.17 – $0.20 USD. And you can earn twice that amount in a day. So the maximum amount you can get from just using their search bar in a day ranges from $0.34 – $.40 USD.

3. Referrals. You get 25% of your referrals images and discussion earnings. So if you have 20 referrals who earns $1 a day, multiply it by 20, that is $20 in a day. Ang get the 25% of $20 USD, that is $5 USD a day.

4. Tasks. There are myLot tasks where other users pay you for completing some tasks. The rate depends on the task creator. It varies from $0.01 – $5 USD.

Join myLot now and get paid to socialize!


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