Friday, December 15

The Marut, The First Figher Bomber Built Outside The Developed World

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Marut_IAFMuseum_Small.jpgmarut-3-s.jpg The Marut was India’s first indigenous fighter bomber. I have had the priveledge of serving with the Indian Air Force and the Marut or the Hindustan Fighter-24 was certainly one of my fascinations. The Marut served nearly 23 years with the Indian Air Force and last flew into the realms of fantasy in 1990.It had been inducted into service in 1967.

The plane will always have a distiction of being the first fighter bomber that appeared out a country other than the developed world. One normally associates fighter bombers with the USA and Russia, but the HF 24 put India on the world aviation map. The Marut was the brain child of Dr.Kurt Tank a German designer, who had been hired by the  Indian Government to design a Mach 2 fighter bomber. Dr. Tank during the Second World war had worked with Focke Wulf.

The Marut was a versatile fighter bomber, but it was underpowered and thus achieved speeds of Mach 1.1 at the maximum.  But in two wars with Pakistan not a single Marut was lost in air combat. The Marut was twin engined  and seated a crew of two.No 10 squadron was equipped with the Marut  A marut is displayed in the Museum at Munich and also at the Air Force Museum at Delhi and Bangalore. A look at the machine will enthuse air buffs, for its streamlined looks. The Marut will long be remembered as an aircraft that handled easy and performed excellently. I  for one will never forget the Marut.hindustan_marut.jpg


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